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Exilia's Panfilo luxury swimwear does not only look stunning, it also distinguishes itself from others through its ultra soft and selected materials.

Since the foundation in 1979, based on a few products that encompassed both tradition and possibility, Exilia has been creating clothes that are deeply rooted in the idea of heritage even as they aim to put a bright, shiny polish on contemporary times.

They aren’t the sort of clothes that nudge fashion trends into uncharted territory, and they aren’t flashy exemplars of financial success. Like all garments, they’re an expression of identity. But these are, most importantly, an enduring declaration of belonging.

The Panfilo collection saw a color palette of trendy spring colours as well as minimal black, white and neutral tones. This beachwear collection was varied with flowing dresses and down-to-the-floor skirts, and trousers, as well as a few appearances of sophisticated knitwear. Every piece told its own story.

The shapes and designs seem simple, but when you look closely, there is innovation and subtlety, and a classic cut which is made to still look fabulous in ten years’ time.